Lyophilisate based on organic rosehip juice

Lyophilisate based on organic rosehip juice

Lyophilisate based on organic rosehip juice




A natural source of vitamin C, pro-vitamin A, easily digestible recommended in pro-health prophylaxis.

Ingredients: Freeze-dried rosehip juice 80% (+/-5%), micronized apple fiber 20% (+/-5%), cellulose capsule shell.

Dietary supplement 60 capsules x 300 mg.


  • supports protection against oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals harmful to the body
  • slows down the aging process
  • helps in the functioning of the circulatory system
  • has a positive effect on lowering “bad cholesterol” thanks to the content of gallic acid, while supporting the circulatory system
  • supports the immune system: it is used in colds and pregnancy, as well as prophylactically
  • helps fight sore throat
  • protects the circulatory system and strengthens blood vessels
  • reduces hypertension
  • anti-inflammatory
  • protects against scurvy
  • relieves the symptoms of rheumatism
  • lowers cholesterol
  • relieves the symptoms of respiratory diseases
  • has a calming effect
  • reduces insomnia
  • reduces the feeling of tiredness
  • treats catarrhal gastrointestinal tract
  • relieves the symptoms of diarrhoea and indigestion
  • supports the fight against diseases of the urinary system.

Directions for use

Use two (2) capsules a day, preferably before a meal.


Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the product.
A natural source of vitamin C. A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended. Do not consume if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the product. The product should not be used by children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Keep out of reach of small children.


In a place inaccessible to small children. Store in a dry place, avoid excessive heat. Do not use if the gasket under the stopper is damaged or missing.

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Out of about 1400 species of roses in Poland, 23 grow wild. Varieties of wild rose differ the color of flowers and the color and shape of fruits. It is the flowers and fruits of wild rose, due to the richness of the substances contained in them, that constitute herbal raw material. Rosehips are record rich in vitamin C – in 100g there is about 500-700mg of vitamin. There are many other vitamins in them -A, B1, B2, E, K, in addition, folic acid, carotenoids, flavonoids, organic acids, tannins, pectins. They are used in hypertension, heart disease, liver disease and as a vitamin drug. They have a strengthening and anti-inflammatory effect, help with catarrhal gastrointestinal tract, protect against scurvy. In contrast, flowers – thanks to the large amount of flavonoids, anthocyanins, tannins and essential oil – are mainly used for indigestion, sore throats and skin ailments.


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