Lyophilisate based on organic haskap berry juice

Lyophilisate based on organic haskap berry juice

Lyophilisate based on organic haskap berry juice




Ingredients: Freeze-dried Kamchatka berry juice 80% (+/-5%), micronized apple fiber 20% (+/-5%), cellulose capsule shell.

Dietary supplement 60 capsules x 300 mg.


  • supports the treatment of eye diseases,
  • a natural source of valuable antioxidants – flavonoids, anthocyanins of plant polyphenols,
  • supports immunity,
  • has a positive effect on the proper functioning of the nervous system,
  • supports the reduction of blood pressure,
  • helps protect the body against cardiovascular diseases,
  • has a positive effect on normal cholesterol

Directions for use

Use two (2) capsules a day, preferably in the evening after a meal.


Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the product.


In a place inaccessible to small children. Store in a dry place, avoid excessive heat. Do not use if the gasket under the stopper is damaged or missing.

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Kamchatka berries are characterized by high nutritional value, because they provide many valuable vitamins and minerals. In their composition there is vitamin C belonging to natural antioxidants. This compound supports the functioning of the immune system, contributing to the strengthening of immunity and reducing the incidence of various types of infections.Kamchatka berry also provides B-fat vitamins, which ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system and minerals necessary for the body: calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Kamchatka berries are also a source of other substances with antioxidant properties – flavonoids, anthocyanins of plant polyphenols. They reduce the harmful effects of oxygen free radicals, and thus delay the aging process of the skin and prevent the occurrence of many chronic diseases – cancer, cardiovascular diseases (e.g. atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke), diabetes. For this reason, kamchatka berry is often referred to as the fruit of eternal youth.
Kamchatka berry has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive system, relieving digestive ailments. It has antibacterial, disinfecting and antiseptic properties, thanks to which it effectively fights bacteria such as: E, coli, meningitis split and staphylococcus. Kamchatka honeysuckle fruits provide anthocyanins that improve visual acuity and support the treatment of eye diseases.In addition, they counteract the formation of cancer and reduce the negative consequences of chemotherapy. Kamchatka berry is also used in the treatment of skin diseases, e.g. lichen planus, whose characteristic symptom are eruptions appearing on the skin, mucous membranes, nails and genital area.
Not only the fruits of the Kamchatka berry are used, but also flowers. From dried honeysuckle flowers, medicinal infusions are prepared that have an inhibiting effect on the growth of bacteria and viruses. They are used in the fight against colds, flu and upper respiratory tract infections. For the treatment of throat, rhinitis and inflammation of the gums, it is advisable to use rinses prepared on the basis of a decoction of Kamchatka honeysuckle flowers.Kamchatka berry juice is used to alleviate the symptoms associated with peptic ulcer disease and to treat skin diseases.
Kamchatka berries are a source of vitamin C and contain B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium. The most important component of Kamchatka berry are phenolic compounds such as anthocyanins, flavonoids, proanthocyanidins and phenolic acids.
Anthocyanins constitute the predominant group of polyphenols in the fruits of Kamchatka berries, These compounds have strong antioxidant properties, so they help prevent many diseases.


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