About us

CAN-POL is a company operating in the unpolluted areas of Podlasie – the so-called “green lungs” of Poland. The main ingredient of our supplements are organically grown plants. The proposed natural supplements provide the daily dose of the substance needed for the proper functioning of the body. They allow for the supply of microelements, provide regeneration and immunity. They also help you stay strong and healthy. Our products do not contain chemicals or pharmacological agents and are certified with the EKO mark.

Our products

Can-Pol lyophilisates are something more than just a regular dietary supplement. Each of the ingredients used, in the drying process, retains its valuable macronutrients. It also preserves the appearance and taste, and avoids the need for preservatives. What are you waiting for?

ekologiczne liofilizaty

Get to know our products

Find out more about our products. Check the benefits of each of the freeze-dried products and learn more about the product. Then choose the best one for you and your family. We ensure that our products are 100% ecological.

Gabriela Kujawa
Gabriela Kujawa
Liofilizaty wysokiej jakości oraz przemiła i zawsze pomocna obsługa. Polecam! 🙂

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